Council of Water Leaders

The Council of Water Leaders is a forum that creates a pathway to improve water management in the North Santiam Basin by providing decision-makers with the latest information about water issues and increasing coordination among organizations.

The Council of Water Leaders addresses the need for greater connection in order to increase understanding of watershed complexities and activities, to strengthen relationships, and to create a healthier, more resilient watershed. It is critical to act now on available science to develop long-term solutions to water management issues, such as:

  • Emergency planning
  • Post-fire recovery
  • Drought contingency planning
  • Water quantity
    • Flow restoration
    • Flow management
  • Water quality
    • Source water protection
    • Willamette River mercury total maximum daily load (TMDL)
  • Riparian and aquatic habitat restoration

The Council of Water Leaders seeks to include a diverse array of groups involved in water resources management in the North Santiam Basin, including municipal water providers, Tribes, city and county governments, nonprofits, businesses, interest groups, irrigators, state and federal agencies, and elected officials. Participants are encouraged to attend meetings regularly, as they provide an opportunity to learn, to share information, and to coordinate.

Interested in participating in the Council Water Leaders? Contact Suzanne de Szoeke at or 541-257-9006

Council of Water Leaders Overview 2022

CoWL Participation Statement 2022