The District holds three primary certificates: 68662, 68663 and 68665. The water rights allow 2.5 acre feet of water at a rate of 5.6 gallons per minute (GPM) per acre. Together these certificates provide water for 14,981.00 acres, Pond Maintenance for 11.5 acres and Wildlife use of 16.8 acres. The District delivers many other smaller rights that help make up the total water delivered. Many of these smaller rights are held by the District and others are held by individual land owners.

The City of Salem’s Public Works Department has a published website, the Mid-Willamette Valley High Water Watch. The website displays near real-time stream and rainfall information of City and local U. S. Geological Survey stream and rain gages, in addition to regional National Weather Service forecasts and Doppler weather radar imaging.

United States Army Corp of Engineers – Willamette Valley Basin Teacup Diagrams

North Santiam River at Mehama